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Jumping on Guests

This has always been a big problem for us. Our dogs LOVE people. They see someone pull in and they start barking and whining and going absolutely crazy until, finally, their guest is in the door and ready to be... Continue Reading →


The Fight Against Puppy Mills

  Just the term “puppy mills” conjures up images of desperate, sickly, dirty dogs crowded in small cages with wire bottoms. Dogs simply there to turn out puppies as fast as they can without any love or affection. If you’ve... Continue Reading →

To the family who gave us our dog

It's been a year since we brought Mia home. We've had a wild ride so far.

Exercising Fido in the Winter

It's cold. It can be hard to get out of your cozy bed in the morning, let alone muster the strength to leash up and get outside. Unless you have a breed that loves the snow, such as huskies or... Continue Reading →

5 Small Breeds that are more than Lap Dogs

Many breeds out there are stereotyped or labeled. Justly or not, these breeds are judged based on looks and reputation many times. You might be thinking of a big guard dog – a Rottweiler or Pit Bull. But breeds are... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun with Fido

Fall, especially here in the Midwest, is a beautiful time of year. The air is crisp after a summer of heavy humidity, the colors are vibrant, and the footwear is more attractive. Fall is also a great time to get... Continue Reading →

5 last minute Dog Costumes under $20

Halloween isn’t just for trick-or-treating and office costume contests anymore. This holiday is starting to include every member of the household, including the 4-legged ones. Halloween costumes for dog lovers are quickly becoming a must. It’s really no surprise, with... Continue Reading →

How are dog so in tune with our emotions?

Resting their head in your lap, curling up next to you with a little huff, or putting their nose under your arm. These are all subtle ways our dogs try to comfort us. And, speaking for myself at least, it... Continue Reading →

How to deal with losing a pet

This isn’t the most fun topic to cover, but after losing a beloved family pet this weekend, I felt compelled to write about how to deal with the heartache that is inevitable when you have pets. But first, let me... Continue Reading →

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