Halloween isn’t just for trick-or-treating and office costume contests anymore. This holiday is starting to include every member of the household, including the 4-legged ones. Halloween costumes for dog lovers are quickly becoming a must. It’s really no surprise, with the pet industry in American breaking $60 billion. All of those out there who view their dogs as their fur children cannot wait to dress fido up.

If you’re anything like me, however, you might have waited until the last minute to put any thought into a costume for your dog. You want him to look adorable for this fun holiday, even if it is just for a few quick Instagram pics.

I have collected 5 of the best Amazon Prime qualifying dog costumes (under $20) for all of you last-minute shoppers:

  1. The lion mane

Perfect for breeds like Golden Retrievers who already have that beautiful blond fur. This item has even been featured on one of the most adorable commercials. Check it out here.

Lion Mane for Dog, Dogloveit Dog Costume with Gift [Lion Tail] Lion Wig for Dog

(photo from amazon.com)

  1. The raptor

I know I go around calling my dog a raptor when she looks to be on the prowl. What a perfectly intimidating costume.


(photo from amazon.com)

  1. The saddle

It’s simple, but effective. This is one of the reliably hilarious costumes for dogs. If you know your dog won’t tolerate a whole body costume, this could be the ticket.

MorningRising Pet Dog Halloween Cowboy Funny Costume Dog Riders Clothes (M)

(photo from amazon.com)

  1. The Pope

Yep, the Pope. This is one hilarious costume, recommended for the most regal of pups. The tall hat might make it difficult to keep this one on your dog, however.

California Costume Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume, X-Small

(photo from amazon.com)

  1. The Bandana

A little bit of a different option just in case you know your dog won’t have any of that costume nonsense. A themed bandana will do the trick. You can even get a multipack and spread the love over the next week.

Dog Bandana with Halloween Pumpkin Applique (Large)

(photo from amazon.com)

Halloween is one of the holidays you can really have the most fun with as a pet owner. Enjoy this time to dress your dog up without shame and remember, trick-or-treaters aren’t the only ones who will appreciate some treats this week!

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