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Best Biscuits for your Buck

We love to spoil our pups, there’s no doubt about it. And what do they want more than food? Not much. Boutique dog shops are popping up everywhere and none are complete without some pretty adorable and savory treats. They... Continue Reading →


Breeder? Shelter? Rescue? Where to Start

You’re ready for a new dog. Figuring out where you should get your dog can be a challenge, though. Today, so many options are available to you and it can be hard to figure out where to start. A quick... Continue Reading →

Teach your Dog to Love his Crate

Crate training your dog is something almost all trainers will suggest to you. Although you may think it seems a little cruel, the crate can actually act as a sanctuary for you dog. As long as the crate is large... Continue Reading →

5 Breeds that LOVE to Snuggle

There are many wonderful things about owning a dog. Dogs are man's best friend and most breeds love to do everything with their people. Not all of us are avid hikers or runners, however, so finding a Fido who will... Continue Reading →

Finding your Perfect Pooch

For those of you who are in the process of finding your perfect dog, you have so many wonderful opportunities and possibilities laid out before you. It is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Getting a dog... Continue Reading →

Helping Fido Cope with Fireworks Anxiety

Fido have Fireworks Anxiety? It’s the Fourth of July weekend and for many that means celebrating. Grilling out and roasting s'mores are at the top of the weekend to-do list for many people. For others it can be a time... Continue Reading →

6 Tricks your Dog Taught You

We might set out to train our dogs, but here are 6 tricks every dog is sure to teach their owner.

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