Welcome to our site! We are glad you stopped by. The Fidobabble site is dedicated to dog lovers who love to read about dogs. We hope to help bring you closer to your furry four-legged friend with the information we share.

Our passion for dogs is just as strong as our passion for sharing information about dogs to help you have a happy healthy relationship with Fido.

Here’s a little more about me, personally: 

My name is Kallie and I am a life-long dog owner and enthusiast. I grew up in the country and two of our dogs growing up just showed up at our house and stayed. We were very lucky that these beautiful creatures found their way into our lives and since then, I grew to love dogs all the more.

When I moved from home and began college, I missed having a furry four-legged friend to come home to, so I got my very first dog on my own – a dapple dachshund named Cookie, who had been used as a breeder. Before finding Cookie, I did my research on the breed and tried to find out as much as I could about the breeder. She was everything I had been hoping for in a dachshund – a beautiful silver dapple with one blue eye. She was sweet as could be and loved to cuddle. I was her person and that was something I had never experienced with a dog. She had separation anxiety, which I attributed to her less than traditional upbringing in the breeding program. I found another silver dapple dachshund, this time with long hair, and named him Draco.


Draco (above with his head perked up) was just under a year when I brought him home and they were instant best friends. I saw Cookie really come out of her shell and flourish with her new companion. They did everything together from their daily walks to romping and, of course, cuddling for hours. Draco is chill as a cucumber with bursts of energy throughout the day. Their funny personalities always kept me on my toes. Unfortunately, because of the puppy mill mentality of the breeder, Cookie had underlying health issues and only lived a few more years. Draco and I both had a hard time losing our pal Cookie.

Fast forward to the early days of dating my now husband – he had always wanted a dog and after he bought a house, he did not want to wait a minute longer. We weren’t incredibly serious at this point in our relationship, but I helped him choose a breed and a much more responsible breeder. He chose a Golden Retriever and named him Kobe. Kobe and Draco could not be more different – except for the long hair. Now that they live together, however, they have found some common ground. Kobe is a sweet and gentle soul. He understands my emotional state at any given point like no other dog I have ever met. Kobe might be better at that than most people. With the right training, he could have easily been a wonderful therapy dog, but he is just our smiling bear. He is perceptive and loving and easily wins the hearts of all who he meets.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.04.58 PM

After another year or so, and we decided to add Mia. She was about 8 months old when we brought her home. She and Kobe were not instant best friends, but fast-forward a year, and they are practically inseparable. We found her through a Facebook post by a friend. Now, it seems like fate. They couldn’t keep her with their growing family and we really wanted Kobe to have a pal who better-matched his size and energy level. Her love is fierce and wonderful. She is sweet as can be to her family but wouldn’t let a thing happen to any one of us. She is smart, athletic, energetic, and could have been a wonderful agility course dog if she had been socialized a little better. We will get there, then maybe we can give that a shot.


As our journey continues, we hope to learn more about our dogs, share our adventures, and help others understand how wonderful life can be with a canine.