There are many wonderful things about owning a dog. Dogs are man’s best friend and most breeds love to do everything with their people. Not all of us are avid hikers or runners, however, so finding a Fido who will be content with a short walk around the block is sometimes the best idea. One of the best things about being a dog owner is puppy snuggles (no matter how old they are). Here are 5 breeds that absolutely LOVE to snuggle up on the couch and help you through that Netflix binge.


  1. Greyhounds

Don’t let their appearance and athletic grace fool you. Greyhounds are runners, but not marathon runners – they are sprinters. They need exercise, like any dog, but once they get their energy out with a quick run, round of fetch in the yard, or other high intensity activity, they are ready to get back on the couch and hang out. In fact, greyhounds insist on having a soft, warm place to retire to. If you rescue a greyhound, they will be very used to only getting their energy out in short bursts and they will be happy to roam around the house with you the rest of the time. Their similar looking cousins, whippets, have that same high-energy-in-short-bursts kind of attitude and also love to snuggle. If only we could all be couch potatoes and stay so thin like Geyhounds!

greyhound snuggle

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  1. Basset Hounds

This breed will easily win you over with those huge droopy ears and puppy dog eyes. They are short but large-boned dogs who are happy to follow their nose. They usually weigh in at about 50 pounds, so they aren’t really a small breed. Basset hounds are not the most active pups and they love to just take it easy with their family. This breed is mild-mannered and fits in easily with family life. The bed isn’t the only think you’ll likely share with your basset, his puppy dog eyes and big appetite mean you might also have to share that popcorn you made for movie watching (unless you’re made of stone, of course).


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  1. Newfoundland

Newfoundlands weigh in at about 150-175 pounds, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to snuggle with their people. They are an easy-going breed and although they are huge, they don’t have huge amounts of energy. This massive breed can be put to work, don’t get me wrong. In fact, a local Christmas tree farm uses Newfoundlands to haul people’s trees up to the front of the farm on sleighs (it’s adorable). However, after a little daily exercise, they are ready to stretch out and take a snooze. If you plan on sharing your bed with your Newfie, make sure you have plenty of room because they can easily take up the whole space.


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  1. French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are a pretty lazy breed. They are brachiocephalic, meaning they have short, smooshy noses. It can be difficult for them to breath because of their noses and this makes them a less active breed. They also do not tolerate heat very well because of their noses. A short walk is all a frenchie needs aside from romping around the house. French Bulldogs were bred to be companions so they love to be with their humans. They are a little dog with big personality so when they aren’t snuggling with you, they will keep you laughing.

french bulldog snuggle

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  1. Dachshunds

These guys were practically made for snuggling. Dachshunds were bred to flush game out from underground. Things like rabbits and badgers. This instinct to burrow makes dachshunds want to get under the covers and make a perfect little snuggle spot. Dachshunds come in two size varieties, standard and miniature, but both are relatively small. What they aren’t small on is personality. They have no idea that they are small dogs. Dachshunds also come in many colors and patterns and three coat varieties, meaning there is a color combo, size, and coat type for anyone. These guys have pretty short legs, so a brisk walk with them doesn’t have to be long. They also love to play fetch or chase a squirrel in the yard. As hounds, they will follow their noses, so even though they are olympic-level snugglers, they are also escape artists.


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Remember, to some extent, any breed will take on the characteristics of their human. If you’re a couch potato, he’s more likely to be a couch potato. If you’re outside and active, your dog will want to be right along side you. Every breed needs daily exercise and mental stimulation, so don’t expect any dog to be happy doing nothing all day. For more information on finding your perfect breed, click here.