Before adding a dog to your family, you may have daydreamed about all of the awesome tricks you would teach your dog. He would be the most well behaved dog on the planet and he would be able to go with you anywhere without any problems or worries at all. And maybe you did train them up to be nearly perfect pups! I know my dog is very good at “turning around” for a treat. Not all of the training went according to plan for us, but my dogs have learned a lot after living in our home. What I didn’t expect was that my dog would be teaching me tricks.

  1. Wake Up

Right away, my dog has taught me a really cool trick. Every morning they get me up at 6 a.m. They start scratching the door until I let them outside. Try as I may to ignore it and hope they let me snooze for another hour or so, they are always more persistent than I am patient, therefore, this is a battle they win every morning. They learned quickly how to get their way on this one, but it is certainly better than the alternative – waking up to an accident on the carpet.

  1. Let me in

This is a common trick for dogs to teach their humans. After they have been outside for as long as they would like, my dogs always let me know they are ready to come back in. Sometimes that means jumping or knocking on the door, or barking, or maybe just sitting there looking pathetic until I see them and let them back in. No matter what they do, it’s effective.

  1. Feed Me

Do your dogs do this too? You’re sitting at the table after preparing a beautiful meal, ready to enjoy it. And so is Fido. My dogs love to sit under the table and give me the big ole puppy dog eyes while I eat. Every bite I take, they get a little more anxious about how much they might be left with at the end. To avoid this, you can have a strong rule and never feed your dog from the table, feed them in your crate while you eat dinner, or just try as hard as you can to ignore them.

  1. Take me with

It’s time to leave and Fido notices your usual leaving habits. He starts looking at you with those same big sad eyes he used last night to get a bite of steak. It’s starting to work, you’re feeling guiltier by the second, and you wonder if your boss would notice if he hung out under your desk today. This might be a trick that is less effective, ie your pup might not always get his way and get to ride along, but he sure knows how to make you feel bad about it, doesn’t he?

  1. Play with me

Getting humans to play on command is a specialty of many pups. They bring you a ball, drop it by your feet, they look up at you. If that doesn’t work, maybe they start chasing their tail or pacing, letting you know they have some energy to burn.

  1. Pet Me

Simple but effective. Some dogs will put their head under your hand or on your lap and others will pose belly up ready for a scratch. When your dog does this, he is just looking for a little love. And who could resist?

Dogs are creatures of habit, so they are ready to go out at the same time every morning, they know you’ll let them in if they do certain behaviors, and they know how to get you to give up the goods and give them some table scraps. Being creatures of habit has its advantages too, of course.

You can always count on them being at the door when you get home, you can count on them to come running when they hear the treat jar, and you can count on them for unconditional love and loyalty.